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​12/21/18 What a way to spend a afternoon! I scheduled my massage appt and WOW was it great! The tech arrived 10 early to discuss
the session and answer any questions i had. It was like getting two massages, as he went up from neck to feet twice or may be more!
He was given a big tip! I will book another appt soon!
Pete and spouse  

12/30/18 The gentleman arrived 15 before the scheduled time and I was not home. I wished he would arrived at the indicated time.
He wanted to chat, Im not sure why, as we had discussed these issues through email. He setup his table, git comfortable in his
shorts and tee shirt. The session started at 11 Am and ended at 12.15 pm. He used firm and consistent pressure throughout the session
and asked if all was okay a few times, I liked that! He actually did 65 like we spoke about, other deduct for dis-robbing.
Overall it was a good session and gave him a tip.

1/3/19 I booked our first appointment over 2 weeks ago for a couples massage and we looking forward to this day! He arrived early and we chatted a bit about the session. This was a couple session. We showed him the room to setup his equipment and he did. He got comfortable in his spandex and t-shirt, as we discussed, due to a long sessions. Most people do sessions in shorts or scrubs. He explained its more relaxing for him, due to all his movement. We started thinking, if he is comfortable its bound to be a better session! WOW! It was! 
Ward & Marilynn

1/7/19 We started around 10 AM and finished around 12.15 PM. Both of us were well rested and really ENJOYED the session! It was GREAT
and RELAXING! I dont like my feet touched, but he had a soft touch and it did not bother me as bad, the entire session was enjoyable!
He has firm pressure throughout the session, I liked that! I have heard that many people loose the pressure half way through the session!
My time was over, BUT I did not want to get off the table, but I knew i had to!
May and Jay 

1/10/19 Next, my spouse got on the table and was semi-covered. He started with her back and went down to her feet. I could see she was relaxed
and looked like she was dosing off. lol he massage her sides and then her front. He was very respectful and polite! We both noticed
he had smooth hands. We were right, since he was dressed comfortable it was a better session! He really did 65 minutes, not less. 
We will definitely use him again at least once a month! We did not think we would like a mobile service, but it turns out we liked it better
then driving to a store front. Once he left, we went to bed and fell a sleep, from being so relaxed! WOW! 
I highly recommend Dallas massage 360. We both felt at ease and it was a great session!
Rodd & Merry

1/17/19 My appointment was scheduled for 11.30 AM and he arrived at 15 minutes early and I was ready. We talked for a few minutes
about his process and all sound good. I showed him where to setup and that was done in 10 minutes or less. The lights were
dimmed and he started from my neck and mentioned your stressed and I said yes! He began to rub my back, buttocks,
legs and that felt so relaxing!!!
It was great and I was surprised!

1/19/19 I scheduled my appt for 7.30 PM, the technician arrived at 7.15. He came in and setup his things. We sat down and spoke about the
process. I got on the table and he rubbed the massage lotion on his hands to make it warm. It was really a nice time! I felt relaxed
and comfortable! I will have him back soon! See you soon!

1/26/19 WOW! The session was very relaxing and the time flew by! Next time I may have to book 2 hours! he has soft hands,
trimmed nails and good pressure! I recommend him!!


2/6/19  I booked my 90 minute appointment a week out, as I have used this service many times!Ernesto is really good and know
how to relax a guy! WE talked for a few minutes and then he setup his table. i was anxious to get on the table! He started the 90 minute
session and wow the time went by so fast! I was so relaxed and stress free! I look forward to these visits! My job and family keep
me semi stressed! lol He is worth his fee and tip!
Looking forward to next visit!  

2/15/19  Our 130 minute massage was amazing!Ernesto took his time and explained his process to us, it sounded great!
He spent about 40 minutes on back and 25 minutes on my front. It was very relaxing to us both!! We will book another appt soon!
Thanks a lot! 
Pablo and Maria

​2/24/18 I have never left feedback before for anyone, but in case case it was well deserved! He took his time and explained his steps!
I asked many questions and Ernest answered them! The 95 minute session was GREAT and relaxing! I hated getting up! lol 
I will definitely book another appointment next month! The prices were reasonable to be mobile! I sure am we met! 
I will book future appointments!


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