We were visiting and tried and enjoy

our first massage session!

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Body Mind Relaxation in Forney

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  Relaxing Massages

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I had my tension worked out on my back...

I needed to unwind and relax....

​Great for Birthdays • Special Occasions • Just Because
                 Available for Individuals and Couples


 Crandall​​​   • ​Dallas • Fate • Forney • Garland

Heath • High 5 Mesquite • Richardson

Plano • Rockwall • Sunnyvale • Terrell 

 Relax Solo or with a Companion

It's time to unwind, release your stress and pamper yourself with a session in your home.

Enjoy a solo session, with your spouse or a friend. Any one of these fabulous services 

will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and rejuvenated. ​

Mature clients and couples are always welcome.

Dallas Massage 360 is ready to serve you!

Call  (214) 232-6430, text or email to setup your relaxing massaging appointment today!

Massages are no longer just for athletes or professionals, but for everyday people. Especially, those who

stand for long hours on a daily basis, use their body rigorously or sit for long periods.

(New)  See you at my Location 

Would you rather commute to my location?  Let's book your session today!

​The Massage Session is About YOU

Maybe you just need to unwind or have sore muscles worked out, let me assist you with a good quality relaxing massage.

Sessions are customized to address your specific needs, concerns and to help you relax. 

Make Yourself a Priority with a Quality Massage

Getting a massage should not be a luxury, it’s something you should do on a regular basis to lessen the tension,

de-stress or vent during the session. Routine therapeutic massages can help elevate your everyday living by improving

your health, your mood and your life.

It also gives you something to look forward to, as we all need personal time to ourselves. My clients have enjoyed their

routine or occasional visits. They feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to deal with another day.

 Remain in YOUR Comfort Zone

Mobile sessions are available. These are done in your home, or in your nice hotel room if you are an out-of-town guest.

Massages are a good source of relaxation, they help ease the mind, relax body and soul! Plus, you remain in your

comfort zone and continue to relax, after the session is over! 

Massage is too Expensive

Think about the following......

  • Cost of buying coffee 5 days a week at a coffee shop: $1,000.00 yearly*
  • Cost of buying energy sodas and herbal drinks: $850.00 yearly*
  • Cost of eating out at work: $1900.00 yearly*
  • Cost of 2 first run movie, drinks and popcorn: $40.00 per visit*

 With that being said….

A relaxing session can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Lower anxiety or depression
  • Lesser stress or chronic pain
  • Minimize migraines or tension headaches
  • Vent and or get feedback

and so much more….

Better heath, your choice!

​I welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

*These are only estimates and can vary from area to area. This not medical advice.



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