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De-Stressing Ideas

​Great for Birthdays • Special Occasions • Just Because
                 Available for Individuals and Couples


1. Are you bringing stress home from work?

It is important to create boundaries between your work and home life. Draw a line under the working day and stop checking your work email and texts. Just checking your work email could put you back into work mode again, it could bring back your stress. Take time to enjoy yourself or hang out with the family. Go for a walk in the neighborhood, park or etc. See things you had not noticed before.

2. Take a nice long hot bath to relax

You can reinforce that feeling of having left work and get home, by taking a nice warm to hot bath with Epsom salt, bath salts or bombs. A bath will relax your muscles & mind and help you will feel the stress beginning to subside. Put on a fresh set of relaxing clothes.

3. Play music and light candles while in the tub

This will help ease your mind while your in the bath tub! Image the room light only with candles and soft music playing. Tell the family this is your time and not to be disturbed for at least one hour. Concentrate on the mood lightning and the soothing music! Enjoy your personal time!

4. Take breaks throughout the day

If you not taking breaks during the working day you really should. It helps lower your stress levels and gives your eyes a break from looking at the monitor for hours a day!  Take them frequently while possible, you will find it a lot easier to unwind. It’s very unhealthy for you to be constantly under pressure and can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems in the future.

5. Watch something funny

Laughter brings instant stress relief and the effects of a good laugh that can last you for a long period of time. If possible, while at work: check out the latest funny video on you tube, or put a comedy program on the TV. Laughter will take your mind off your work issues and it will also make your body release the feel good hormones that combat stress hormones in your body.

6. College students need to de-stress after a long day

For those who are in college away from your hometown and become an independent adult. Give mom, sister, or your best friend a call! They will tell you all the latest gossip going on around town that will totally make you forget about your school work or finals that you have yet to study for.

7. Young and older adults it's time to take a road trip

Your college town can sometimes getting boring after a while, especially if there are limited places to go and offer few activities to do. Gather up your closest friends and take a drive somewhere just for fun! Whether you’re going to the next town over or driving an hour away, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest!

8. College students take in some fresh air

It’s so easy to stay cooped up in your dorm all day. Whether you’re studying or taking a break from the books, library, find time to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. The sunlight and fresh air will lighten up your mood! Laying a bed sheet on the grass and having a picnic is a great way to enjoy the warmer days with friends.

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